Law Schools


Law students are known for juggling many student organizations with their workload. Synchrony with OrgSync allows you to reach your law school students where they are, while empowering them to more efficiently manage their organizations.

Boost Campus Communication

The suite of communication tools through OrgSync gives students easy access to only the information that is relevant to them, saving time and helping them be more efficient. Rather than managing an email listserv, students can target communication via news post, email, text message, or social media to their desired audience. Additionally, all communication is automatically archived and is easily accessible in the future. Administrators can use this same suite of tools to target communications to the whole student body, selective groups, or just one student. Administrators can also advertise major events as sponsored posts in the news feed or as events on a calendar.

Empower Students to Manage Organizations

Student leaders can more efficiently manage their student organizations with online tools to maintain organization records, store and share important documents, communicate with members, plan and publicize events, track service hours and meeting attendance, collect dues, which saves time and helps significantly reduce paperwork. Rather than use several programs or paper processes, OrgSync centralizes resources to make students more organized and effective leaders.

Market Events with School-Wide Calendars

Track and manage events—student-led gatherings, academic lectures, off-campus events, and more—to personalized calendars and external-facing community calendars. At the community level, students and administrators can explore all public events, while at the organization level students can look into their personal interests. Administrators can post and promote community-wide events, helping students plan their events and their personal schedules. Student organization calendars will allow student leaders to see all their current events at a glance and better manage their time.

Strengthen Connectivity and Build Class Identity

Even on large campuses, OrgSync can tightly connect students with interactive and simple mass communication tools. Students can quickly browse organizations at your law school, making it easy to get involved from day one, allowing each student to maximize his or her campus experience. Because alumni can maintain their access to OrgSync, these ties can be maintained even after graduation, creating a built-in networking opportunity to share knowledge and job recommendations.

Ease Officer Transitions

OrgSync helps all organization leaders create a resource knowledge base that includes everything they do with their organizations. They can upload important files to OrgSync, where they are accessible all year and even after they graduate. Administrators can transfer access to these files to the upcoming leaders, ensuring a stability of transition that isn’t attainable with paper files and documents. Student leaders can create to-do lists, maintain contact books of vendors or other important numbers, upload video and photo records, and more, and all files are automatically archived and are accessible for future leaders. Each student organization also has the opportunity to create a customized public website to advertise their events.

Streamline Processes and Go Paperless

Shift paperwork-heavy processes, such as event requests, volunteer tracking, and advertising, online to save administrators time and money. Forms and events can be updated in real time and turned in on the students’ schedule, from anywhere. Administrators can pull reports from this data to track which events were popular and share that information with faculty to help in planning the next year. OrgSync frees administrators from mundane tasks so they can spend more time on what matters most—working with students.

"I can’t imagine going back to the Excel spreadsheets and having students come in. It’s just not efficient for anybody. I love that OrgSync mirrors their interaction in other platforms they’re using; it has given me a lot of options to share with them that we didn’t have before because I didn’t control those things. I can’t imagine just going back to paper and not having things they can pull up in real-time." Amy Garrison, Director of Student Life, Georgetown Law