Medical Schools


Medical students have a lot of responsibilities with little free time. OrgSync allows the campus and the student to be more efficient and better connected. With OrgSync, your students' and staff's activities and classes won't suffer at the hands of restrictive office hours, allowing all to better handle their workloads.

Drive Student Involvement

Independent and motivated students don’t need the same constraints and oversights they had as undergraduates. With OrgSync, students can take ownership of their activities and interests. OrgSync also makes it easy to transition between incoming and outgoing officers in an organization—rather than passing on links or bloated binders, files can be uploaded to OrgSync and pass from person to person with a click.

Communicate More Efficiently

The suite of communication tools through OrgSync gives students easy access to only the information that is relevant to them, saving time and increasing efficiency. Plus, all communication can be archived and accessed in the future. Rather than having to track multiple information streams, students can get everything they need to know in one place with OrgSync.

Track and Manage Applications

Applications can be submitted, shared, and approved all through OrgSync at any time, reducing the likelihood of human error and increasing student involvement—allowing students to access forms beyond business hours saves students precious time. Additionally, all of the information is automatically archived for easy and quick access in the future.

Build Class Identity

Students who feel connected to their peers and the campus are more likely to complete their degree. Even on large campuses, OrgSync can tightly connect students with interactive and simple mass communication tools. International students can also join the community well before they reach campus to help ease the transition and become familiar with the local environment.

Verify Hours and Attendance

Students can use card swipe to automatically register attendance at required events, emulating the hospital system they will move to after graduation. Additionally, the OrgSync Service Management System can log and verify service hours to meet graduation requirements.

Create Peer-To-Peer Experiences

OrgSync makes it easy for students to connect with one another, keeping them engaged and maximizing their experiences. OrgSync’s to-do list feature facilitates collaborative work, and portals can be used to organize a study group, lecture series, or concentration.