JASPA and OrgSync Announce Partnership

Dallas, TX (April 4, 2014) - JASPA, the Jesuit Association of Student Affairs Administrators for the 28 Jesuit universities and colleges in the country, and OrgSync, a leading community management platform for higher education, have announced a partnership to increase communication outlets and operational efficiency among JASPA executives and its members.

The conversation between JASPA and OrgSync originally started because JASPA desired a tool to increase involvement and enhance communication among the student affairs professionals at the Jesuit colleges and universities.

“We needed a way to share best practices and communicate with one another across the 28 Jesuit institutions. OrgSync provides a central location for our communication that previously did not exist,” stated Lucas Novotny, Vice President for Technology and Communications.

With their new initiative titled “JASPA Reimagined,” there are three strategic goals that OrgSync has helped them meet: engagement, sustainability, and information sharing. OrgSync provides a central location to engage all members, making sure all files are easily shared, and no longer requiring information to be passed around on jump drives, a much more sustainable way to communicate. The JASPA membership will also have opportunities for engagement and networking within their OrgSync community to aid in the sharing of best practices and resources. This tool allows us to deepen the discussions around the commitment to a shared, Jesuit, Catholic Mission that make Jesuit institutions and JASPA as an organization uniquely different.

Additionally, JASPA has streamlined their social media and member communication. “The ability to write one release, news piece, or story in OrgSync, and then be able to email it out to everyone in the JASPA community while sharing it across all social media outlets helps us meet our constituents where they are,” said Novotny. “We look forward to this year’s annual conference to show members how the engagement can happen through OrgSync.”

At the JASPA Annual Spring Conference and Awards Dinner, members will get an inside look at how engagement can happen through OrgSync.

The next step for JASPA is to add more dynamic webpages, allowing the committee chairs to add their own flair and excitement to their portals within the OrgSync platform and the public JASPA website.

About OrgSync

OrgSync provides a cloud-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) community management platform tailored to higher education institutions. The Company’s products create a robust online community that empowers both students and campus administrators with the tools and resources necessary to effectively manage and enrich campus life. Learn more here.


The Jesuit Association of Student Affairs Administrators (JASPA) is a conference of the Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities (AJCU). JASPA was originally founded in 1954 as the Conference of Jesuit Student Personnel Administrators (CJSPA). In the Fall of 1981, JASPA became the official name of the organization and JASPA continues today, as the original members of CJSPA intended, to work to promote the mission of Jesuit higher education. JASPA promotes excellence in: student development, leadership formation, student diversity, retention, career services, student transition, student life, wellness and student health, social justice, community service and service learning, athletics and recreation, multiculturalism and residential housing. Learn more at www.jesuitstudentaffairs.org.