OrgSync Launches Mobile Web Application to 175 College Campuses

OrgSync Mobile enables students to get involved on the go.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 5, 2011

OrgSync is pleased to announce the release of a mobile version of its online community management system. With OrgSync Mobile, students may now engage in co-curricular activities from the palm of their hands. Students can access OrgSync Mobile by going to using the browser on any mobile device.

Mobile access to OrgSync makes it convenient for students to browse campus news and events, search and join organizations, and track their involvement. OrgSync Mobile looks and feels just like a native application, but no download from the app store is required. Each time a user goes to the OrgSync website on their mobile device, the mobile-optimized user interface will automatically display. A link to the full site will be available at the bottom of the screen.

“We are excited to provide all of our campuses with mobile access to their online communities,” said Eric Fortenberry, President & CEO of OrgSync. “This has been the number one feature request made by our half a million users, and we are pleased to now provide OrgSync Mobile.”

According to a report by the Pew Research Center titled, “How mobile devices are changing community information environments,” it was found that 70% of adults ages 18-29 use their cell phones or tablet computers (e.g. iPads) to get local news and information; those who use their mobile devices are more enthusiastic in some respects than others about their communities and the role they play within them.

“I know that OrgSync Mobile will help increase adoption of OrgSync on the campus,” says Kenn Heller, Assistant Dean of Students at UCLA. “As more students go mobile, they expect services of the University to support mobile. OrgSync will become a regular part of a student's mobile toolkit. I am impressed with the beta and will look to see how we can integrate even more into our daily operations.”

OrgSync is projecting exponential user growth and plans to deploy a significant upgrade to their Amazon Cloud hosted server and data storage infrastructure this summer to handle the increased usage demands resulting from the release of OrgSync Mobile.

To learn more about OrgSync Mobile, please visit:

About OrgSync

OrgSync provides community management solutions for higher education institutions across the United States. The Company’s web-based software platform enables colleges and universities to track student involvement, communicate with students and staff, and manage student organizations and programs on campus. OrgSync offers a broad suite of more than 50 tools that help campus administrators streamline operations and create a paperless office by managing day-to-day processes online. To learn more, go to