OrgSync Partners with NASPA SLPKC

Dallas, Dec. 6, 2012- The NASPA Student Leadership Programs Knowledge Community (SLPKC) has announced a partnership with OrgSync, with a formal launch in January 2013.

The national organization of the SLPKC will be partnering with OrgSync to provide a “virtual office” to its 4,800 members.

“From what we have seen with our KC in particular, we have a lot going on and there’s a lot we need to do electronically with people working in different states,” said Michael Baumhardt, KC co-chair. “We need this kind of access and resources to support the work of our KC.”

Evan Witt, the KC’s fundraising chair, agrees. “The partnership between OrgSync and the SLPKC will allow us to better serve the members of the Knowledge Community, but more importantly the students that we work with,” he said. “Through using the software, we will better be able to share ideas, good practices, and continue to work towards developing better student leaders. “

All award nomination and publication submissions will be managed through the OrgSync SLPKC portal, which will also have a calendar, shared resource files, and webinars. Members will also be able to use the communication tools to opt-in to receiving tweets or emails about conference events.

Sherry Lynn Early, KC co-chair, also feels this is a great time for this partnership. “I’ve been involved with SLPKC for about 6 years now, but due to turnover and different priorities, we haven’t really had the opportunity to advance the web opportunity to be where we need to be. One of our thoughts was ‘we’ve been pretty patient and things have been held up and it’s time for us to move forward,’” she said.

The Leadership Team will be the first to gain access to the new site, with the full roll of members being added later in the process.

“The leadership team is 25 people, so we’re getting them used to that software in the beginning, to show them how it is best able to serve their committees and their region,” Baumhardt said.

Each region will have a separate area within the NASPA SLPKC OrgSync community, to help with targeted communications and to streamline resources.

“People can opt in to getting text reminders of where and when our social is or our open meeting; we can sync the Google calendar with the KC calendar. We have a history of newsletters on that we could link to. We have a lot already in place that we can centralize,” Early said. “We’re just really looking forward to this.”

Witt said that this partnership will be the first of several joint efforts. “This partnership with OrgSync will serve as a cornerstone of the Knowledge Community’s growth,” he said. “As an organization, the SLPKC values collaboration and seeking to create synergy from our various parts. It is an honor to be associated with such a great organization and we look forward to continuing our partnership as we realize its full potential!”

The new site should be established in time for the March NASPA conference.

About OrgSync

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