OrgSync Among Top 100 Companies Started by Young Entrepreneurs

DALLAS, TX - Oct. 17, 2012

OrgSync has again been named among the Empact 100, the top-ranked group of companies started by entrepreneurs aged 30 or younger.

“I think the Empact 100 list is a great way to highlight young entrepreneurs,” said Eric Fortenberry, founder and CEO of OrgSync. “I want to be able to give back, and to motivate and inspire other students and entrepreneurs. We’re able to set an example and be role models to other young entrepreneurs.” Fortenberry is 29; he started OrgSync, a software platform that helps colleges increase student engagement and administration, after he graduated from the University of Texas when he was only 23.

“I saw a problem and I wanted to fix it. I think it’s the best time to be an entrepreneur when you’re young,” he said. “I was just out of school, I didn’t have any other commitments or obligations. I could literally live OrgSync.”

Now in its second year, the Empact100 recognized OrgSync as being among the United States’ “Top 100 Companies Started by Young Entrepreneurs,” during a ceremony held on Friday, September 28 at the White House in Washington, D.C. Fortenberry accepted the award.

The Empact100 list is comprised of the top 100 companies in the Empact Showcase, a compilation of the United States’ leading entrepreneurs who are age 30 and under, and whose annual revenues or operating budgets (for non-profits) are more than $100,000. In 2012, the companies on the Empact Showcase contributed more than 8,000 jobs to the economy, and controlled $1 billion in revenue.

The annual Empact100 and Empact Showcase are both a testament to the impact that entrepreneurs are making on our economy, and an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs,” said Sarah Green, Co-Founder, Empact100.

Fortenberry feels OrgSync is making a difference. “Empact recognizes the impact that we’re making,” he said. “We now have 36 employees, we have customers all over the world, and we have 1.5 million users. I hope to continue growing and expanding the number of campuses that are benefitting from OrgSync."

For more information, contact Alex Morales, VP of Marketing, at or 972-907-0900 x205.

About the Empact Showcase and Empact 100
Empact aims to facilitate a culture of entrepreneurship in communities around the world by exposing young people to entrepreneurship, supporting early stage entrepreneurs and celebrating the vital role young entrepreneurs play in our economy.

The top 100 were determined primarily by revenue, with additional factors such as number of employees, social impact, growth over the past year, and innovativeness coming into play.

The list was finalized by the 2012 Empact Academy, which includes such leading entrepreneurs as:

  • Aaron Batalion, Founder & CTO, Living Social
  • Gene Landrum, Founder, Chuck E. Cheese
  • Jeff Hoffman, Founding Team Member,
  • Jeff Sandefer, Founder, Action Foundation & Sandefer Offshore
  • Mike Delazzer, Founder, Redbox
  • Linda Rottenberg, Co-Founder and CEO, Endeavor
  • Chuck Templeton, Founder, Open Table

For more information on the Empact100, visit Please direct any questions to Empact100 co-founder Sarah Green at

About OrgSync

OrgSync provides a Campus Engagement Network that connects students with organizations, programs, and departments on campus. The Company's cloud-hosted, software-as-a-service platform is built using the latest technologies that create an online community for colleges and universities to improve communication, information sharing, and collaboration. The platform streamlines day-to-day operations, reduces paper usage, increases student engagement, and tracks all co-curricular involvement data. Campuses can leverage the data collected in OrgSync to assess the impact of student involvement and co-curricular programming on overall student success and retention.