University of Wisconsin and OrgSync Announce e-Portfolio Release

OrgSync, the leading provider of online community management solutions for higher education institutions, and several campus partners from the University of Wisconsin System are pleased to announce the release of a new ePortfolio product. The ePortfolio development was funded, in part, by a University of Wisconsin System Growth Agenda Grant.

“It has been a pleasure to work with our University of Wisconsin System campus partners to develop an ePortfolio solution. We are excited to release this new feature and are confident our ePortfolio will meet the needs of both students and higher education professionals,” said Eric Fortenberry, President & CEO of OrgSync.

Each student will be provided a ready-to-use public website to showcase and reflect upon their experiences before, during and after college. OrgSync’s ePortfolio provides a standardized process for students to organize and document academic course work, leadership positions, sample documents, professional recommendations and employment history.

”We are so excited to pilot the ePortfolio on our campus this semester,” said Angie Bong, Coordinator for Student Leadership and Organizations at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. “The ePortfolio is such a great addition to an already great product, and the ability to provide our students with a tool to track and reflect on their experiences is invaluable.”

The ePortfolio is comprised of six sections, which include a biography, co-curricular involvement, academics, employment, documents and recommendations. Together this information provides a holistic view of the student and his or her accomplishments. In addition, students have full privacy options, allowing them to:

  • Document and showcase their experiences throughout college
  • Market themselves to employers during career searches
  • Reflect on experiences to enhance personal and professional development
  • Publish recommendations from peers, professors and employers
  • Collaborate and network with friends, colleagues and alumni

OrgSync is offering the ePortfolio to all its current campus partners as an add-on product. Campuses that do not currently utilize OrgSync as their community management system may purchase the ePortfolio as a standalone product.

To see an example of OrgSync’s ePortfolio, please visit

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