We bring the training to you

In our experience, the best way to ensure optimum adoption of OrgSync is with personalized on-site trainings. OrgSync offers several packages and training formats, all tailored to meet your specific goals and scheduling needs.

  • We Heart OrgSync

    There is nothing more important than seeing how your campus actually functions.

  • We Heart OrgSync

    With a Campus Consultant you have one on one support whenever you need it.

  • We Heart OrgSync

    We work with students, leaders and administrators to get OrgSync working the best for you.

  • We Heart OrgSync

    We can train just your office or the student body.

Help maximize adoption

On-site visits will include meetings with administrators, hands-on training sessions with staff and organization leaders, and organization-wide information sessions to demonstrate the benefits of OrgSync to other departments and programs. Training sessions will be targeted to both administrators and organization leaders. As a best practice, we encourage our partners to mandate that one representative from each organization attend a training session to help maximize adoption.

Train Community Administrators

Community and umbrella administrator training sessions include an extended session for more hands-on training for administrators who will be working within the OrgSync Umbrella and managing sub-portals. We will also spend time ensuring that your community is set up and ready to go before introducing OrgSync to members.

From leaders to members, get students on board

Organization leaders and general student training sessions give a brief overview of key features, followed by hands-on training where students will create their OrgSync accounts and begin populating their portals. Training sessions can be targeted toward organization leaders who will manage portals or for general students.

Introduce OrgSync to other departments

Spread the word about OrgSync! Representatives from other areas of your organization are invited to learn how OrgSync can be a complete campus solution. The more divisions, departments, and offices on OrgSync, the better the adoption. Many departments cost-share the OrgSync system so everyone can utilize a portal.