Professional Development

Continually engaging your staff members in professional development can often be time-intensive and expensive. Many times it requires sending people to expensive conferences or certification clinics and hoping that their new knowledge transfers to others, which can be a challenge. Our team has extensive experience in understanding how to best develop staff in efficient and cost-effective ways. We understand best practices and are thoroughly familiar with the standards set forth by higher education professional associations.

Professional development options may include:

On-site Boot Camps
Virtual Presentations and Trainings
eLearning online modules

With a variety of virtual and in-person professional development options, our experts can work with your team to develop the necessary skills and competencies to be successful in their positions. From utilizing the CAS standards to teaching beginner and advanced assessment techniques, development opportunities can be customized to your needs. Our professional development initiatives serve to not only educate staff but to get them excited about their professional growth.

Topics can include:

  • Pd-icon-4
    Advising Strategies
  • Pd-icon-5
    Assessment, Evaluation, and Research
  • Pd-icon-6
    Conflict Resolution
  • Pd-icon-7
    Communication Strategies
  • Pd-icon-8
    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Pd-icon-9
    Leadership Education
  • Pd-icon-10
    Learning Outcome Development
  • Pd-icon-11
    Marketing Foundations and Strategy
  • Pd-icon-12
    Staff Supervision
  • Pd-icon-13
    Student Learning and Development

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