Strategic Solutions

OrgSync provides strategic solutions to administrators to help you make data-driven decisions around strategic planning, program design, and operational efficiency for your unit, department, or division. We collaborate with key stakeholders to develop innovative strategies and utilize best practices to ensure campuses can operate successfully.


Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic plan for a program, department, or institution can often be a challenge. It involves ensuring you have the right stakeholders and everyone is on the same page about the strategic planning process. Our comprehensive approach allows all individuals to partner on developing rich short and long-term strategies, keeping in mind what is best for the institution and the stakeholders.

We can work to develop an entirely new strategic plan or give a refresh to an existing plan. Our knowledge and background of the higher education industry enables our team to work with you to build customized plans building on your unique institutional strengths. This process can help you develop strategies to gain a competitive advantage over peer institutions and to meet accreditation needs. Not only will we help your team develop a strategic plan, we will make sure you understand how to assess the effectiveness of your efforts toward making that plan a reality.

Projects may include helping you create, enhance, and/or assess the following at the program, unit, departmental, divisional, or institutional levels:

Mission and vision

Develop a comprehensive vision based on institutional values

Multi-year strategic plan

Creation of a departmental, division, or institutional strategic plan

Goals and benchmarks

Create progress milestones that align with an existing strategic plan

Assessment of progress

Measure the completion of progress toward strategic plan objectives

Program Design

Ensuring your programs are set up correctly from the start is the most important step of launching new initiatives or re-launching current ones. Our team has extensive experience in program design at various types of higher education institutions across all functional areas. OrgSync works with over 450 campuses and our team understands best practices and opportunities for creating innovative programs on your campus.

Our approach consists of a comprehensive review of industry best practices and familiarizing ourselves with your institutional identity and culture. In collaboration with your staff, we help develop programs designed to achieve the learning outcomes you desire in a manner that will be cost-effective for your department.

Projects may include helping you design the following types of programs:

Large-scale Events

Create retreats, conferences, institutes and other large events

Co-Curricular Initiatives

Develop comprehensive co-curricular programs around themes or goals

Certificate programs

Develop longer-term programs that require progress tracking

Training Programs

Develop competencies of staff or student leaders

Operational Efficiency

Remaining efficient and keeping processes streamlined can be a challenge on campuses of any size. Many processes have been in place for years and as technology and stakeholder expectations change, so must the operations of an institution. Sometimes it is not clear if a process is operating in the most efficient manner or if an organizational structure is in place that will enable everyone to be successful. Our experts will conduct an analysis to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

We will work to evaluate organizational structure, processes, and implementation of technology solutions. Our team partners with functional areas across an institution to improve the efficiency of processes and organizations to ensure your stakeholders have the best experience possible.

Projects may include:

Process Improvement

Reviewing existing processes for increased efficiency

Best Practice Integration

Recommending processes based on best practices and institutional needs

Change Management

Divisional and departmental reorganization of duties and roles

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