2013 Recap

OrgSync had another rockstar year!

Thanks to our hard working staff, our inspiring campus partners, and loads of coffee, OrgSync is bigger, better, and friendlier than ever before. We crunched a lot of numbers, and created the following report to share the results.

Campus Partners

If all of our users got together, they could fill the largest college football stadium in the nation 26 times.

  • Total Campus Partners

  • Total Users


  • Total Umbrellas


  • Total Portals


It took us nearly five years to reach a major milestone in our company’s history, one million users. Just under a year later, in March, 2013 we hit the 2 million user mark, and we are now extraordinarily close to reaching our next million.

Guest Speaker - Eric Stoller

Our clients continued to amaze us with their creative uses of OrgSync

Here are just a few we thought you might find interesting.

Depaul Logo

DePaul University

Data, data, and more data! DePaul University is taking their API data integration to a whole new level! In tandem with Tableau, DePaul University has created an impressive data visualization portal in which they can cross compare student demographics with organization and event statistics.

UNO Logo

University of Nebraska Omaha

The University of Nebraska Omaha has created an alumni affairs umbrella. Keeping students on OrgSync through graduation is a great way to engage the current population of students with alumni and it is a vehicle through which the alumni association can easily reach out.

USI Logo

University of Southern Indiana

The University of Southern Indiana is using OrgSync to help support their assessment initiatives. From focus group sign-ups, to surveys and post-event reflections, they are using OrgSync in exciting new ways.


More students, faculty, and staff got involved and connected in 2013!

  • Events Created


  • Event Hours


  • Emails Sent


  • Notifications


  • Service Hours


  • Service Hour Value


Online Forms Mean Less Paper

By moving 28,943 forms to OrgSync, our clients saved more than 7,100,000 sheets of paper, representing a cost saving of approximately $792,000.


Product Development

Our development team typed so many keys you could lay them end-to-end across the continental United States.

  • Code


  • Rows in the
    OrgSync Database


  • Help Desk
    Development Requests


  • Countries that Logged
    into OrgSync


New Features and Enhancement

2013 was a big year for OrgSync. We released loads of exciting new features and enhancements, both big and small. Below are some of the most notable. Check them out!

Meet the Development Team

Not only is our product development team active within OrgSync, they are also active in the development community. They host monthly "Hack Nights" for other developers from the DFW area, and contribute to their own OrgSync Development Blog that covers industry topics and tips.

OrgSync Team

We definitely got bigger in 2013. Not only did we increase our campus partners, but we also expanded our office and continued to grow our team.

  • Days on
    the Road


  • Miles


  • Cities


  • Number of Webinars Presented


  • Conferences Attended


  • Presentations at Conferences


45 Team Members

The OrgSync team continued to grow in 2013. We added numerous developers to help meet the growing needs of our customers, and created two new departments- Research and Strategic Initiatives and Implementation and Training.

“The people [at OrgSync] are wonderful, they work with you unconditionally and they work to help you find solutions to the everyday problems that we face out in Student Affairs and academics in general.”
Tom Miles
Director of Campus Life, Georgia College & State University

We increased our office space by 50% to make room for our developers and designers.

In addition to a bunch of new offices, we also added a gym, showers, a second conference room, second kitchen and a large team space.

  • Previous Office Space
    6,960 square feet

  • New Office Space
    10,434 square feet

Guest Speaker - Eric Stoller

2013 Awards

  • logo

    Dallas Business Journal's Best Places To Work

  • logo

    Empact 100

  • logo

    Inc 30 Under 30

  • logo

    Inc 5000

  • logo

    FastTech Tech Titans Award

OrgSync Connect

We delighted, we enlightened, and we inspired over 200 administrators at OrgSync's second annual user conference.

  • Number of Attendees


  • Campuses Represented


  • Pre-Conference Workshop Sessions


  • Education


OrgSync Conference Survey

Before and after the conference, attendees were and asked to grade their overall OrgSync product knowledge. Here were the results:

Before Conference: 37% of attendees surveyed gave themselves an A or B

Percentage Bar

After Conference: 91% of attendees surveyed gave themselves an A or B

Percentage Bar

  • Circle Graph

    97% felt there was good overall value to attending OrgSync Connect

  • Circle Graph

    89% of attendees surveyed are likely to attend in 2014

  • Circle Graph

    100% of attendees surveyed enjoyed the quality of the educational sessions offered

Guest Speaker - Eric Stoller

We awarded our enthusiastic attendees with more than just our knowledge and expertise.

  • Rockstar Video Contest Winner
    California State University, Long Beach - Watch Video
  • Most Active Tweeter – 296 tweets (and we hired him)
    Nate Adams, OSU-OKC
  • Best Education Session:
    Be Your Campus Advocate

    Meghan Thompson, UCA
  • Best Campus Swag
    University of Illinois, MBA Program

Why Attend OrgSync Connect

Why Attend OrgSync Connect?

Check out what some of our clients are saying about their experience at OrgSync Connect.

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Even more In 2014

OrgSync Connect 2014

We are excited to bring together over 250 campus partners from all over the country! We hope you will join us.

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Thank You!

2013 would not have been so successful without all of our incredible campus partners, organizations, administrators, and users. We thank all of you, and look forward to soaring to new heights in 2014!