OrgSync can benefit every part of campus.

OrgSync creates an online community for campuses that helps departments, programs, and all member-based organizations streamline processes and drive engagement. Whether a student-facing department or part of central administration, OrgSync offers the tools needed to operate more effectively and efficiently.

For Institutions

Offering a platform that can be configured to reflect your institution’s unique structure, OrgSync helps you connect and engage with the populations you serve, improve information sharing, track and measure involvement, and generate reports on all data collected for annual reports and accreditation. Designed to be completely scalable, OrgSync is capable of serving small schools with just a few hundred students to some of the world’s largest universities and systems.

For Departments

Departments on campus often have unique needs. They have their own groups to manage, individuals to communicate with, and reports to analyze. OrgSync enables each campus department to have powers to manage their day-to-day operations and oversee their students, organizations, and programs independently of one another.

OrgSync for Departments