OrgSync Signs Collaborative Contract with VASCUPP

Members of the Virginia Association of State College & University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP) can now purchase OrgSync on an expedited basis. As a result of a collaborative contract with OrgSync, VASCUPP schools can purchase OrgSync without going through the cumbersome RFP process. This will allow your institution to simplify the legal process and help to speed up the time it will take to implement OrgSync on campus.

Current OrgSync partners from Virginia campuses:

  • Old Dominion University
  • Radford University
  • University of Mary Washington

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See how Virginia schools are already benefitting from OrgSync

As you are evaluating your decision to make an investment in OrgSync, here are some examples of how our Virginia campus partners are currently utilizing OrgSync on their campuses.

At the University of Mary Washington, OrgSync is the go-to tool! As our main portal system, students, faculty and staff use it to access all things – to check their grades, to schedule their classes, to get important updates from the University and more. OrgSync is the way we communicate with not only organization leaders but all students on campus. We use it to assess participation and involvement around campus as well. If a student is wanting to workout, they need to bring their ID card so that OrgSync can track their attendance – they won’t get into the fitness center without it! Card Swipe helps keep our facilities secure as we only allow active members at UMW to access our resources. If you can’t tell, there’s not a day that goes by that we aren’t using OrgSync to accomplish our mission at UMW. OrgSync makes our jobs easier and more efficient so that we can be the most successful and helpful resource for our community!”

Megan Petter,
Assistant Director Student Activities & Engagement, University of Mary Washington


Radford University Manages Student Organizations

Radford is utilizing OrgSync on campus to help manage their 270 student organizations on campus. With OrgSync, administrators are able to maintain an up-to-date student organization directory. This has detailed information regarding student involvement and up to date rosters of each organization.


University of Mary Washington Creates Co-Curricular Transcripts

One of University of Mary Washington’s objectives was to find a solution to manage their Co-Curricular Transcript process. OrgSync was able to help by providing three reports that each help to evaluate learning outcomes and reflect on out-of-the-classroom involvement. Once OrgSync was implemented on University of Mary Washington’s campus, they realized that there are numerous additional uses for OrgSync.


Budget Process Improved at Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University has been heavily utilizing OrgSync’s Budget Management System on campus. This allows organizations on campus to manage the annual budgeting and activity funding. OrgSync’s BMS has been a powerful tool in replacing traditional methods of manual record keeping.

OrgSync is flexible, and can be configured to mirror the existing framework of your campus. Old Dominion University’s OrgSync community is organized under three primary umbrellas: Housing and Residence Life, Leadership and Student Involvement and Student Recreation Center. Check out how they structure OrgSync and all of the areas on campus utilizing the platform.


Meet your Campus Consultants

Your subscription is not just about access to the platform but access to industry experts that will help you leverage OrgSync to address operational challenges. To help you make the most of your investment in OrgSync, you will have one of two dedicated professional consultants, Lindsey Moye and Cole Galyon. They both have worked closely within higher education and bring a strong foundation of industry knowledge and product expertise.

About OrgSync

OrgSync creates an online community for campuses that helps departments, programs, and all member-based organizations on Penn State campuses streamline processes and drive engagement. Students, faculty, and staff can easily centralize resources, streamline processes, enhance communication, automate workflows, operate more efficiently, and track involvement.

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