Build an Online Community for Your Campus

OrgSync creates an online community for campus that helps departments, programs, and all member-based organizations streamline processes and drive engagement. The platform reflects your institution’s unique structure and helps you connect and engage with the populations you serve, improves information sharing, minimizes paper usage, tracks co-curricular involvement, and allows you to generate reports on all data collected for annual reports and accreditation.


Centralize Communication and Online Resources

Students, faculty, and staff need a vehicle through which they can centralize resources and easily send out messaging to a variety of audiences. OrgSync simplifies these processes, ensuring users stay organized and spend more time working on meaningful activities that contribute to your institution’s overall mission and goals.

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Streamline Student and Administrative Processes

Whether you have a wall of paper forms requiring data entry or have trouble managing workflows, running an efficient department can be a challenge. OrgSync enables you to move administrative processes online so individuals can submit documents at any time from anywhere, automatically triggering the appropriate workflows.

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Manage People and Groups

OrgSync is designed specifically for departments, divisions, organizations, and other governing bodies to manage and oversee all reporting groups and users. Whether you are a student-facing department or part of central administration, OrgSync helps you streamline processes, operate more efficiently, and engage with the people you care about.

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Organize Calendars, Programs, and Events

Keeping track of groups hosting events and those attending can be burdensome on campuses of all sizes. OrgSync enables departmental oversight of event planning to manage risk and allow groups to plan, market, execute, and assess programming. OrgSync makes event management easy by centralizing calendars, simplifying event promotion, and making sure the appropriate functional areas are kept informed.

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Analyze Assessments and Evaluations

Analyzing data can be a challenge on campuses where it is collected and stored in a variety of ways and locations. Whether you’re conducting annual assessments or tracking program participation data can be easily collected and analyzed at multiple levels in OrgSync. The platform also creates a central repository for all involvement and assessment data to enable successful execution of your campus assessment strategy.

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Quantify Student Involvement and Success

Research consistently points to a direct correlation between campus involvement and student success, but documenting this trend can be difficult. OrgSync allows campuses to streamline data collection and store it in a centralized repository. By combining OrgSync and campus data, powerful insights can be gleaned regarding the impact of student involvement and other factors influencing student success.

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