Your online community reflects your institution’s structure

OrgSync is flexible and can be configured to mirror the existing framework of your campus. It is designed to be completely scalable, capable of serving small schools with just a few hundred students to some of the world’s largest universities and systems. Setup and implementation remain quick and easy regardless of size. The diagram below illustrates how your community structure might work.



Institutions, campuses, and systems

The community provides the foundation for your private online campus network. Every community is managed by administrators who have the authority to oversee and manage departments, organizations, and students.


Divisions, departments, and offices

An umbrella relates to a specific division, department, or office on campus and each community may have just one or multiple umbrellas depending on how you choose to structure the platform. Every umbrella has its own administrators with the authority to oversee and manage various settings, event and budget processes, and tools for all portals it supervises.



Organizations, programs, and committees

Portals create a central, online location for department administrators and student leaders to more efficiently manage their organizations and stakeholders. Portals are part of the larger campus community and administrators have the ability to oversee and manage their activity and content.



Students, faculty, staff, and alumni

Each user is registered under their campus community and has access to important resources allowing them to discover programs and organizations on campus. OrgSync makes it easier for individuals to engage in campus life and manage their involvement at the institution.

Structure-community Structure-umbrellas Structure-portals Structure-users

OrgSync can be structured using multiple umbrellas. This enables each division or department to have a separation of powers, manage their day-to-day operations independently of one another, and oversee their students, organizations, and programs.

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