Managing student engagement is a breeze in the cloud.

OrgSync provides a cloud-hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform built using the latest technologies to create an integrated and secure solution for Higher Education. The technology behind OrgSync enables our highly skilled, in-house development team to continually expand our platform without burdening campus IT with maintenance and updates.

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Cloud Computing

The OrgSync platform is developed completely in-house and is written using Ruby on Rails. We leverage cloud-computing technology to deliver a highly scalable application capable of meeting the needs of any size institution. By providing a cloud-hosted solution, our platform is available on-demand for all our users and allows us to release new products, platform updates, and feature enhancements to everyone at once. All data stored in OrgSync is continuously backed up to ensure your information is secure and available to you via our API.

OrgSync leverages the power of the Amazon Web Services to deliver a highly scalable, extremely fault-tolerant solution to our rapidly growing user base. With AWS, our software is able to dynamically react to load. As traffic increases, the OrgSync platform has been built to automatically scale to meet the increased load. If you would like a diagram of our infrastructure or have questions about the particular services we leverage, please consult with us.


We have instituted numerous security measures to ensure your data is safe and backed up on a consistent basis. All OrgSync server certificates are signed by a recognized Certificate authority (DigiCert) and use 256-bit SSL encryption for all communication. All communication among the database, application, and authentication servers is conducted inside a secure, private network.

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All data is stored in a centralized database only accessible within a private network. Backups occur seamlessly on the hour and we can retrieve data if necessary. Amazon’s cloud services provide a scalable, secure solution, ensuring industry-leading uptime for all campuses. We utilize Right Scale to monitor our server pool and it dynamically scales in response to server load/changing demand. We are constantly monitoring the performance of our site to create an optimal experience for our users. Our deployment process allows us to upgrade our software while it is running, in most cases. Updates are built and deployed almost daily without interruption of service to the user. Security patches are treated with the highest priority and are applied as quickly as possible.

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