All data is stored in a centralized database only accessible within a private network. Backups occur seamlessly on the hour and we can retrieve data if necessary. Amazon’s cloud services provide a scalable, secure solution, ensuring industry-leading uptime for all campuses.

We utilize RightScale to monitor our server pool and it dynamically scales in response to server load/changing demand. We are constantly monitoring the performance of our site to create an optimal experience for our users. Our deployment process allows us to upgrade our software while it is running, in most cases. Updates are built and deployed almost daily without interruption of service to the user. Security patches are treated with the highest priority and are applied as quickly as possible.

We currently log all user web requests/responses, database transactions, asset manipulations, and exceptions within the application. In the event an institution would like other logged data, we can log any kind of action or activity. Our application supports sending logs to a centralized logging server. Contact your OrgSync representative to find out more.

Software Updates

With the exception of beta releases (where institutions may be invited to test a new feature), all new releases are released simultaneously to all clients. Because OrgSync is cloud-hosted, there is no concern for end-of-software life. General updates and fixes are deployed on a daily basis to all users. In most circumstances, the end user may not even see the change.


Downtime is extremely rare. For major upgrades that require downtime, we'll make an announcement to our clients in advance, and provide access to the support line for immediate issues. We also perform upgrades late at night to minimize the traffic interruption. In the event of an emergency, OrgSync will handle the implementation of any fixes. You won’t need to send out security fixes or make other adjustments. Notifications will be distributed through several OrgSync communication channels, including email, social media, and the Admin Club.

Issues and Bugs

Security vulnerabilities can be reported to OrgSync directly through our Help Desk and support team, available 24/7 by email, chat, or phone. Our support team enters user-reported vulnerabilities into a bug tracking system. These issues are then prioritized based on severity and assigned to a development resource. We leverage several open-source components with both our application and system infrastructure. Our development and support teams commonly resolve multiple issues the day they are reported. Higher priority vulnerabilities are addressed more quickly than others.

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