The OrgSync Difference

Debating whether or not OrgSync is the right solution for your campus? Customers that switch from other platforms have cited a number of reasons why OrgSync is better than the rest. Here are a few of the key differences for you to keep in mind as you evaluate your decision to make an investment in OrgSync.

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4-Tiered Platform Structure

If you are looking for an online engagement system to encompass multiple areas of campus, the OrgSync platform is your best option. OrgSync’s unique four-tiered structure provides the framework for an online campus community that mirrors the framework of your institution allowing departments, divisions, and even campuses (in the case of system-wide contracts) to have a separation of powers, manage their day-to-day operations independently of one another, and oversee their students, organizations, and programs, which no other competitor can do.


Some of the benefits of our platform that are not possible with any other collaborative online system include allowing different campuses, regions, divisions, or departments to:

  • Customize a separate registration/renewal process for the groups they oversee
  • Configure the setup and tools available for the groups they oversee
  • Access a variety of customizable reports and analytics specific to their department and sub-portals
  • Manage their own calendar, allowing them to promote programs and events for the groups they oversee
  • Create their own public website that integrates with OrgSync
  • Structure their own contract and add-ons as one entity or independently of one another
  • Implement unique instances of the Budget Management System, allowing departments to customize the budgeting process to meet their individual needs

Superior Product Features and Functionality

Our competition may claim to do some of the things we do, but in many cases they only do enough to “check the box.” At OrgSync, we go above and beyond our competition to deliver the best product on the market for all of our customers. Here are just a few examples of OrgSync’s superior product features and functionality.

"OrgSync is the program that's going to help any campus move forward with everything it does outside the classroom. They are already ahead of their competitors and they are moving faster than their competitors.”

Nolan Davis,
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, Indiana State University

High Touch Customer Service

From our knowledgeable and dedicated campus consultants to our in-house technical support team, OrgSync views every customer as a collaborative, long-term partner. We offer unparalleled customer support and are committed to doing everything we can to make OrgSync a success on your campus. Below are just a few examples of the services we provide to ensure that you are getting the most out of your OrgSync subscription.

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