All Your Online Tools In One Place

OrgSync’s comprehensive suite of features is designed specifically to meet the needs of administrators, departments, programs, and organizations on campus. OrgSync connects all the tools you need into one centralized platform.



Contact Books

Build lasting relationships with organization contacts.

Discussion Forums

Facilitate active discussions with your members on important issues.

Group Permissions

Dictate the tools members have access to, allowing you to share information with the right people.


Target communication to specific groups or individual users, similar to a native email platform.


Stay informed on the latest news and information about your organization.

People Management

Segment people into groups based on their responsibilities and interests.

Privacy Controls

Control how you share and receive information within your community.

Text Messaging

Connect with your members where they are, on their mobile phones.


Collect instant feedback from your users on any number of topics.


Access OrgSync on the go from any smartphone or mobile web browser.

Events Management


Centralize event planning and promote events online to increase attendance.

Card Swipe

Track event attendance in real-time using card readers and assign credit hours to students.


Distribute credit hours to students at events and track participation.

Service Management

Promote and centralize service opportunities and service partners for your students.


Keep an accurate record of all approved and pending credit hours assigned to members.

To-Do Lists

Prepare for upcoming events by delegating responsibilities and tracking each task's progress.

Information Sharing


A classification is a community-wide tag on a user.

Community Home

Community Home is the launchpad for all users within your online campus community.


Create an organization knowledgebase by storing all your files online.

Multiple Umbrellas

Manage your various processes and portals independent from other areas of campus.


Pages works similar to a wiki, allowing you to share information and collaborate with others.


Capture memories and share them with others.


Share media resources and links to information with your members.


Build a public website for your organization that integrates seamlessly with your OrgSync portal.



Create a paperless office by taking all of your forms online.

Data Browser

View, filter, sort, and export data right inside of OrgSync.

Involvement Tracking

Track all of your involvement on campus and reflect on co-curricular experiences.

Co-Curricular Transcripts

Generate a verified record of your involvement on campus.

Dashboards & Reports

Understand your students and organizations better than ever by collecting involvement data.


Organize, showcase, and reflect on experiences and share with others online.

Organization Registration

Streamline the registration and renewal process for student organizations by moving it online.

Manage Organizations

Oversee and manage all the student organizations on campus.


Budget Management

Manage the annual budgeting and activity funding for all organizations on campus.


View a detailed record of your organization’s financial transactions in a tool similar to a ledger.


Efficiently track and keep an accurate record of all outstanding payments owed to your organization.



Bypass the OrgSync user registration by logging in with existing campus username and password.


Provides IT departments with a secure way to access data from OrgSync.

Room Reservations

Integrate seamlessly with your existing Series25 (also known as 25Live or R25) or Ad Astra installation.

Social Media

Enables students to share their experiences on Facebook and Twitter.